For our English speaking friends, follow our journey back to Japan

In January 2011 we went to Taiji to help the dolphins who have been slaughterd and held in captivity for many years. That was a beginning of a journey we will never forget! 

After watching the Oscar-winning documentary THE COVE, we knew we had to do something! Raising money and spread the word wasnt enough for us. We had to be there, physical, and see for our self what WE could do to help. The passion for this cause, can not be described with words! And we will never stop fighting for the dolphins, who ONLY belongs in the ocean!

Follow us to Japan, and help us to make this end. Once and for all! Its our turn to reach out to the dolphins, understand them and help them, let them live safe and free, happy and unharmed!

We would also like to thank those who have helped us to be aware about what is happening in Taiji so that we, to girls from Norway, can be apart of an important change! Thank you so much to SJD, TAG, EEI, SSCS. Their courage is a great source of motivation for us!

For the dolphins,

Camilla & Johanne, NORWAY <3



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Leah Lemieux

11.sep.2011 kl.18:18

You girls rock! Wish I could be back there with you!!!!! <3


11.sep.2011 kl.18:40

Leah Lemieux: we do too!!! Next time <3 <3

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25, Oppegård

Vi er to jenter på 22 og 24 år fra Kolbotn og Frogner som ønsker å la dere ta del i en hjertesak og en reise vi skal på 6. januar! Vi reiser til Japan, Taiji for å bekjempe tortur og slakting av delfiner! We are two girls from Norway who will be traveling to Japan Taiji in January, to stop the slaughter of thousands of dolphins every year! For kontakt/for contact;