Packing day!

So much to do before we head off to Japan. Everything from international drivers license to different cameras. It`s sooo exciting! It will be a long trip, on 21 hours before arriving in Japan. And then we have to drive three hours to get to Taiji. AND we have to drive on the left side of the road, HELP! We are not used to that. It will be a challenge...

We are really looking forward to meet a girl named Tia when we check in on our hotel. She arrived a few days ago. Together we will be there for the dolphins and keep the world updated on whats going on, everyday. Please follow us her and on our facebook side under the name CJ Coveguardians Lovzdolphins. Add us as your friend and you will be the first to now when the boats head out to sea and if they are returning with a dolphinpod or not. 

Yes it`s true, it`s pink dolphins out there!

For the dolphins,

Camilla & Johanne <3

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25, Oppegård

Vi er to jenter på 23 og 25 år fra Kolbotn og Frogner som ønsker å la dere ta del i en hjertesak og en reise vi nok en gang er klar for å ta fatt på. Vi reiser til Japan, Taiji, for å bekjempe tortur og slakting av delfiner! Dette må stoppes! We are two girls from Norway who will be traveling to Japan Taiji, to stop the slaughter of thousands of dolphins every year! For kontakt/for contact;