Boats returned empty handed, and a dolphin jumped out from the pens!

Crazy day! All the bangerboats and the harpoonboats went out early in the morning, but came back empty handed. Yeeeeyh!! We did the little dolphin-dance when the boats passed us. The dolphin won today!

( The boats going out and coming empty-handed back again )

Then, we went to the pens nearby the dolphins resort to check on the dolphins there. Suddenly a dolphin just jumped over the pen and out to the free ocean. It`s was really crazy, and we started to cheer because we were so happy! We thought finally he could swim out to his familiy, and eat as much fish as possible again! 

              ( The trainers looking for the escaped dolphin named FREE ) 

But no; he stayed by the pens and his dolphins-friends. It`s so sad, because all we wanted was for him to swim away from the pens and the trainers, and live free. But he`s never going to leave the others behind, so he will keep swimming around the pens communicating with the dolphins. It`s kind of beautiful too, because this tells the dolphins story so well, about how loyal they are and unselfish.

( If you have a little patience, you will se the dolphin outside the nets by the pens ) 

We stayed there for almost 2 hours and just looked at him. It was a mirakel that he got out, and at the same timevery sad to know that he will probably never find the way back to his familiy who probably were killed in The Cove when he was taken to captivity...

We wanna call him FREE, because for some minuts, he really was. 

For the dolphins,

Camilla & Johanne <3

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22.sep.2011 kl.12:54

This is an interesting story, but how did he end up? Did he just stay out of the pens, or returned to the pens himself or by others?


22.sep.2011 kl.15:05

Nicky: We don`t know yet. Probably he will go back to the pens, because the trainers know that he is missing. And he is not far away from the pens. He doesnt wanna leave the rest

Julie B. Coucheron-Aamot

23.sep.2011 kl.15:37

Er så stolt av dere!

Takk for flott info, og fine bilder og videoer.

HÅPER "Free" får "teften" av noen FRIE delfiner, og svømmer ut til dem og evig FRIHET!

Mirakler skjer-:))



24.sep.2011 kl.06:41

Julie B. Coucheron: Ååååå Julie, du er så god du. Det håper vi og. Tredje dagen idag når Free koser seg ute. Han har fått seg en venn, hurra. De koser seg sååååååå mye

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