They did`nt get any dolphins today either, and the dolphin Free has got a friend!

We left the hotel at 5 o`clock this morning, like every day. All the boats and the harpoonboat went out. Luckely they came back empty-handed like yesterday. It really makes our day!!! Every day without any dolphins getting slaughterd is a good day!

We and Tia ( from save japan dolphins also ) went to the dolphinpens at the dolphinresort to check up on the dolphin who jumped out of the pens yesterday. He was still swimming outside the pens, and the trainers knows that he`s out there. Wondering what they are thinking? Are they not gonna catch him, or are they sure about him not swimming away?

When we was checking up on Free, some tourists came to the pens with the trainers to swim and pet the dolphins. It was so sad! The dolphins had to drag them around in the pen, as if they were a toy... 

The good news is that Free has a new friend outside the pens. Today there were two dolphins swimming togehter. Who knows, maybe they are teaching the other dolphins to jump out of the pens in the middle of the night. That would be kind of great!

For the dolphins,

Camilla & Johanne <3

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25, Oppegård

Vi er to jenter på 23 og 25 år fra Kolbotn og Frogner som ønsker å la dere ta del i en hjertesak og en reise vi nok en gang er klar for å ta fatt på. Vi reiser til Japan, Taiji, for å bekjempe tortur og slakting av delfiner! Dette må stoppes! We are two girls from Norway who will be traveling to Japan Taiji, to stop the slaughter of thousands of dolphins every year! For kontakt/for contact;