Dolphins fought for over three hours and got a way, yeeeah :)

Today was a exciting day! The boats went out early like every day. They found a pod really quickly, and began to chase them into the cove. The dolphins fought so hard. For over three hours the dolphins gave the fishermen a long struggle. They fought with everything they had.

And finally the boats gave up and returned to harbour. We were dancing to celebrate and it really made our day!!! 

We also checked up on our friend the dolphin Free. His new friend is swimming along with him and they are jumping around happy and free! 

For the dolphins,

Camilla & Johanne <3

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25, Oppegård

Vi er to jenter på 23 og 25 år fra Kolbotn og Frogner som ønsker å la dere ta del i en hjertesak og en reise vi nok en gang er klar for å ta fatt på. Vi reiser til Japan, Taiji, for å bekjempe tortur og slakting av delfiner! Dette må stoppes! We are two girls from Norway who will be traveling to Japan Taiji, to stop the slaughter of thousands of dolphins every year! For kontakt/for contact;