The dolphin Free and his friend

Once upon a time the dolphin Free was caught by the fishermen. He and his pod was swimming for their lives, but without any luck.  


 They were 12 boats with big engines and the dolphinpod didnt stand a chance!

Free has three little helpers who everyday making sure his fine and are waving to him from the land!

Her is little Free swimming into the pens to talk to his captured friends. He is asking them if they also could jump out of the pens. 

Little Free with his new friend!


Free forever!

For the dolphins,

Camilla & Johanne <3

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24.sep.2011 kl.09:09

så fin blogg du har! :-)


24.sep.2011 kl.14:24

May: Takk :)


26.sep.2011 kl.07:54

I heard from a source that they are being "gate-trained", a training which aquariums are required by law. The trainers doesn't look like panicking, so they may be allowing the dolphins to go out of the pens intentionally...


03.okt.2011 kl.08:14

Nickey: Yes, we have been told the same thing. But the strange thins is, that we saw one of the dolphins jump out from the pens. But he hasnt escaped, and probably wont so.. :(

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